Legal Advice Not Given By The District Attorney

By Alabama law, the District Attorney’s Office is prohibited from giving legal advice to the general public. While our office recognizes that it has a duty to keep the public informed of items of interest to it, legal consultation can only be offered by the District Attorney to individuals involved in the prosecution of criminal cases within his jurisdiction. If you have questions regarding the legality of any act or omission, you should consult a private attorney before engaging in any conduct that might subject you to criminal liability.¬† If you are in need of a lawyer, we would suggest that you consult the Alabama State Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service, Martindale-Hubbell or your local telephone directory.

Defendants Presumed Not Guilty Until Convicted

The Morgan County District Attorney’s Office acknowledges that a criminal defendant is not guilty until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Any reference to the arrest, indictment or filing of formal charges against any individual contained in this site is merely an acknowledgment of a matter of public record and is not intended, nor should it be construed to be, any indication that the individual has been convicted of any criminal offense. Where reference is made to a conviction, adjudication, sentencing or any other judgment or finding of guilt, such reference is in no way intended to imply that the appellate process has been concluded, unless so stated in the reference itself.

Any similarities, either factually or by name, to any parties other than those directly referenced in this site are purely coincidental and completely unintended. Any proper names used in this site are those known to the District Attorney and any error in reporting those names is unintended. No names have been changed unless indicated in the reference. Visitors are cautioned not to draw any conclusions  as to the identity of individuals described by any reference in the site other than by name.

No Representation Made as to Site Content

The contents of this site are intended for informational purposes only.¬† Any reliance thereon is solely at the risk of the visitor. Neither the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office nor the State of Alabama accepts responsibility, legal or otherwise, for an individual’s reliance upon information contained herein. While every effort has been made to keep this site both factually and legally accurate and current, the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the information contained on this site. It should be understood by anyone visiting this site that any references to law made herein are references to the laws of the State of Alabama. Laws vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office has given no consideration whatsoever to the laws of other jurisdictions in designing the content of this site; therefore, visitors are cautioned about making assumptions as to the applicability of the site’s content in other jurisdictions.

Copyrights Respected

When visiting the Morgan County District Attorney’s website, you may encounter documents, images or other information resources contributed or licensed by private individuals, commercial enterprises, corporations or organizations that may be protected by U.S. and/or foreign copyright laws. Generally, transmission or reproduction of protected works beyond those uses defined by law as “fair use” exceptions requires the written consent of the owner.

In creating this website, great care was taken to ensure that no copyright infringement occurred. The Morgan County District Attorney’s Office does not claim an interest or legal right to use any trade name, registered trademark, logo, seal or copyright contained in or on any pages or sites linked to this one.

If you suspect that materials contained on this site are in violation of any copyright, please contact the webmaster immediately and action will be taken to correct the problem without unnecessary delay.

No Endorsement of Linked Information

This site may contain hypertext links to external websites and pages containing information created and maintained by both private and public entities. Links are intended to assist visitors in locating information that may be useful to them, whether contained on this site or on sites maintained by other parties, and to make their interactive browsing experience interesting and enjoyable. The Morgan County District Attorney’s office has absolutely no control of the content of linked sites, nor does it undertake any investigation of those sites before linking to them, other than a cursory review of the site’s content. The inclusion of a hypertext link to an external website is not intended as an endorsement of any product or service offered or referenced on the linked website. The content and views of organizations sponsoring websites linked to this one do not necessarily reflect the views of the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office. Simply put, a link is not an endorsement, recommendation or guarantee.

Linking to The Morgan County D.A. Website

We encourage you to link to our site. We do request, however, that any link to our site be identified only by the name of our organization or by images, logos or graphics approved for use on our site. Further, we do not permit third parties to link to our site if their content is obscene, illegal, defamatory to the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office or the State of Alabama or if doing so would cast the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office in a false light. We do not permit links to our site that might imply that we have endorsed a product, person, legal or political position or course of conduct. Linking to our site will not always result in reciprocal links back to your site, and we make no such representation.

Mail Policy (e-mail, fax & snail mail)

The Morgan County District Attorney’s Office does not accept legal pleadings sent by electronic mail or by facsimile machine to this website. Legal pleadings must be filed in the appropriate clerk’s office and made “of record” before receiving a response by the District Attorney.

Unsolicited correspondence of any kind will be reviewed, but will be responded to only at the discretion of the District Attorney. Any unsolicited correspondence received by the District Attorney will be retained at the discretion of the District Attorney and may be treated as public documents. The District Attorney will not be responsible for returning any unsolicited correspondence or attachments to the sender.

Communications from unrepresented criminal defendants are not protected by attorney-client privilege and may be used in court to the detriment of the sender. Any communication by a represented criminal defendant should only be made through counsel. Communications which are harassing, threatening or which serve no purpose may result in the criminal prosecution of the sender. To serve documents on the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office electronically, those documents must be filed via

Privacy Statement

The Morgan County District Attorney’s Office reserves the right to collect and track statistical data on visitors to its website. We may track the name of the domain from which you accessed the Internet, the date and time you accessed our site and the Internet Protocol Address of the website from which you linked directly to our site or other statistical information logged through our host’s server. Additionally, we reserve the right to use cookies to gather user information from visiting computers. We only collect information on visitors for statistical use in evaluating the effectiveness of the various parts of our site. We do not obtain personal identifying information on our visitors, unless they choose to provide that information to us, such as e-mail or mailing addresses, etc. We do not sell, nor do we disclose, personally identifying information to third parties that are not law enforcement agencies or courts of law.

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