Pretrial Intervention Program

The Morgan County District Attorney’s Office has established a Pretrial Intervention Program (PTIP). The program’s mission is to provide alternative prosecutorial methods to assist the victim and the criminal court system, but also to utilize intense corrective programs for first-time, nonviolent offenders. With close supervision and mandatory program rules, the offender enters the program on a voluntary basis, if approved by the District Attorney. Those who qualify will be required to complete counseling, substance education/treatment, maintain employment, pay court costs and restitution, pursue general education, complete drug/alcohol testing and will receive intense supervision and must attend monthly monitoring with the PTIP Director. If the offender does not fully participate in the program he/she will be terminated, immediately. PTIP is not offered on a Class A felony charge or those crimes which result in serious physical injury or death to a person. If the offender completes the program, the case will be dismissed and not brought to trial. However, if the offender is terminated from the program, he/she will be sentenced as with any other conviction.

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